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This has been an exciting autumn for migrant birds in East Kent. Large numbers of regular visitors, Siskin and Goldcrest, were recorded in September and October, both species moving from their breeding areas in Scandinavia to find somewhere warmer for the winter.

It always amazes me how a bird as tiny as a Goldcrest,weighing only about 6 grams (2p coin) can fly across the North Sea. They drop in to Sandwich Bay, to feed for a few hours or days, before continuing when the weather conditions are favourable.

A rare bird from the far North East, a Red-flanked Bluetail, was also seen; only the second in the observatory's history, they usually winter south of the Himalaya. An attractive species which is increasing in northern Finland, so we might see them more often.

A seasonal photo from Svalbard, soon to be starting their Christmas journeys!  Alastair