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Trade Directory

Company Name Trade Category
ACT - The Fruit Grower Publications
Agralan Ltd. Crop Protection Products, Pest Control
Agrii Advice, Crop Protection Products, Fertilisers, Nutrient Sprays, Sundries
Andermatt Biocontrol UK Ltd Agronomy
Bee Farmers' Association of the UK Bees for Hire, Pollination Services
DPS Ltd Retail Supplier
Edmed F & Sons Apple Boxes, Packaging, Soft Fruit Packaging
Engage Crop Solutions Ltd Agronomy, Fertilisers, Education and Training, Biostimulants, Foliar nutrient sprays, Crop Nutrition advice, Plant amelioration products
Frank P Matthews Fruit Trees, Graftwood and Budwood, Ornamental Trees, Rootstocks, Windbreaks
Fruit Advisory Services Team LLP Agronomy, Crop Protection Products, Education and Training, Fruit Trees, Orchard Layout
Hutchinsons Advice, Crop Protection Products, Fertilisers, Nutrient Sprays, Sundries, Agronomy, Education and Training, Galvanised Wire Netting, Analysis, Fruit Trees, Tree Stakes, Storage, Orchard Layout, Railway Sleepers, Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Pollination Services, Pest Control
IDAS Irrigation
J R Breach Fruit Trees, Galvanised Wire Netting, Railway Sleepers, Tree Stakes
Koppert UK Ltd Crop Protection Products, Pest Control, Pollination Services
Landseer Ltd Crop Protection Products, Storage
M & J Timber Orchard Bins Bulk Bins for Sale, Fruit Boxes, Storage
Newleaf Irrigation Ltd Irrigation, Water Pumping, Water Storage
Orchard Produce Cider Apples Purchased, Juicing Apples Purchased, Peeling Apples Purchased
Origin UK Operations Ltd Fertilisers
Staplehurst Transits Transport
Stephens TF & RD Ltd Processing Apples Purchased
Stephens TF & RD Marketing Marketing Agents
Storage Control Systems Controlled Atmosphere Storage
United Kingdom Controlled Atmosphere (UKCA) Ltd Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Fruit Quality Assessment
Utilitas Energy Management, Energy Purchase
W H Skinner & Sons Agricultural Engineers
Weatherbys Hamilton Insurance Insurance
Yara UK Ltd Analysis, Fertilisers, Nutrient Sprays